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Gwendolyn L. Smith, Esquire

Attorney Smith is the founding member and owner of a solo boutique law practice representing clients with veteran  disability appeals,  federal criminal law matters, federal employment law issues and immigrations. She understands the  general complexities of life and the resulting stress of having to resolve any specific legal issue. Therefore, she uses a client-centered approach while addressing the legal needs specific to each individual client. She treats each client with  compassion, respect and understanding and  she acknowledges that a one size fits all  approach is not the best way to serve her clients or practice law.

In addition to being an active member of the District of Columbia Bar, Attorney Smith has spent the last four years as a Scholar Practitioner studying in the field  of Public Service Leadership in pursuit of a PhD in Public Safety with a specialization in Criminal Justice. . She is dedicated, learned, scholarly and a  skilled practitioner who understands the complexities of navigating personal beliefs and professional responsibilities.  Care and consideration must be exercised when dealing with issues involving a person's livelihood and ability to make choices.

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